Final Project

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Blue Hour

Blue HourCapturing blue hour, as well as traffic in the small town of Rigby, ID.


Discovering Themes

For this weeks photography assignment we had to discover themes within our own work. See if you can figure out what my theme is!

Future Future Future Future FutureOne might think that, “Oh she likes to shoot girls eyes.” – Yes, I do think they all have beautiful eyes, but I believe the eyes represent something more. I always love to get a shot of people looking up at me and really focus on their eyes, after analyzing my work I realized I generally shoot young adults, or senior girls who have their whole future ahead of them. Therefore, there eyes looking up at me ┬árepresent ┬áthem looking into the future, that is so open and free to them that they can become whatever they want to be at such a young youthful age.


Self Portraits

No Limits Driven Natural BlessedOne Way

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This blog is both part of a class assignment and to share my photography with you. I love feedback and believe that it truly helps bring out the best in us. Let me know what you like and don't like. Tell me how my images impact you. Thanks for following.


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